Are You In Touch With Your Body?

are you in tune with your body senses?

Are You In Tune With Your Body Senses?

Let me ask you another question. Are you in tune with your body’s senses? Your sense of touch, your sense of smell, your sight and hearing? Our senses are there for our pleasure and to keep us safe. We use our senses to tell the difference between a kind word, an inviting smile and the warmth and security of a loving hug and harsh words, a frown and a threatening squeeze. We rely on our senses, because they don’t lie. Sometimes we may choose to ignore them. Ignoring your senses is not common sense. It can put you in danger! It’s vital that you be in touch with your body and what it’s telling you.

Let’s talk about using our senses while getting our hair done. If combing through your hair is painful that pain is sending you a message that something is wrong. You need to take a moment and ask yourself why. Is your scalp tender? Why is it tender? Did you just get a relaxer, perm or color? Is your scalp more painful in one area? Ladies take the time to ask yourself what’s causing the pain and discomfort. Examine your scalp for redness, swelling, thinning or burns. This pain is telling you something is wrong and your need to fix it right away! Could it be that you’re not using the rights tools and products for grooming your hair? If not, you need to stop using what’s not working and find the right products to protect and repair your scalp.

The next time you’re in the salon ladies, be sure to turn your senses up. When you are getting chemical services you know the smell is unpleasant. That strong smell makes you hold you breath and is enough to irritate your eyes and bring tears to your eyes, to relieve the burning. Holding your breath and tears are your body’s way of trying to protect you? Now ask yourself, “Am I in touch with my body enough to know that I need to have a barrier on my scalp to prevent these chemicals from touching my skin?”
What about what you hear while you’re in the chair? “Can you leave that on a little while longer” while your scalp is screaming in pain? Or “I need to take that color a little higher” while your eyes tear up? Or when you’re finished and sent home with a tore up scalp and saying “don’t touch my head” “I got a headache” because now your whole head hurts!”

Now let’s talk common sense. Why are you sitting through the process of perming, bleaching, relaxing or coloring your hair again and again when you know that each time you do without protecting and healing your scalp your chances for burning, hair loss and permanent damage is just one more session away?

Let me help you protect yourself, My product line Scalp Protection will help you protect and heal your scalp.

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