Fully Qualified & Highly Experienced
Specializing in Teens and Children Hair Loss

Hair loss expert Louticia Grier has devoted her career to helping individuals enhance their appearance and feel great about the way they look. As a Hair Loss Specialist, Louticia is extensively trained and experienced in many of the latest hair loss treatment solutions including organic hair and scalp protection products and custom-made wigs. Louticia has has continuously perfected her skills and technique over the course of over four decades in the industry, and offers a comprehensive range of treatment options for the teens, children, men, and women.

“I have a very gratifying business. I enjoy going to work every day and having a positive impact on someone’s life. I will provide you with excellent care in my area of expertise. More so than anything else, I will treat you with respect and compassion.”
~Louticia Grier, Hair Loss Expert

Cosmetologist & Hair Stylist to the Stars
Gifted and Talented From an Early Age

Louticia has a gift and talent to make men, women and children look and feel beautiful. As a young girl, Louticia looked for ways to make her world a more beautiful place. She found comfort in creating beautiful outfits for her dolls and arranging their hair in unique, sophisticated styles.

This is when Louticia discovered her God given gift which set her upon the path as a teen to become a professional cosmetologist where she attended Bay Vista Beauty College in Southern California.

As a student at Bay Vista College, it was apparent to her instructors that young Louticia was a rising star. She brought a new technique to the school of adding hair to the clients own hair by braiding the client’s hair to create a foundation for adding her handmade tracks of hair to her clients’ own hair. If this sounds like hair weaving extensions that’s because it is! Louticia Grier’s hair extension technique was unheard of in the beauty schools in the 1970s.

By the time Louticia graduated from beauty school, she had a solid and growing fan base of loyal customers and setup shop in Downtown San Diego in the 1980s. Uptown New York Style was born!

As a mother of two young girls she was always doing hair and many of her clients brought their children to her as well. This is where she began to gain real life experience working with a variety of clients, many who came to her because of damage caused by improper styling, chemicals and scalp disease resulting in hair loss, scalp burns and bacterial and fungal infections.

Louticia is a Master Wig Maker. Her period wigs for custom designs work has been seen on stage in theater productions such as plays like Storyville and Who’s Tommy.

As a compassionate professional cosmetologist, Louticia began to search for healthy products to heal her clients’ scalp and to prevent the tragedies that came to her from either an improperly trained stylist chemical treatments or from over-the counter hair products. In the 1980s, Louticia began testing various formulas that would reduce scalp inflammation and ease the pain of these new clients.

Louticia formulated products with all natural ingredients that would protect and heal the scalp, and styling aids and began using them in her salon. These products worked like a miracle for her clients who began purchasing them. Clients shared these wonderful products with family and friends, creating such a demand that the Louticia Grier’s exclusive line of Scalp Protection and Hair Care Products became highly popular!

Success in Hollywood is based on looks and Louticia has helped save many diva’s hair (and careers) by providing them with hair replacement alternatives providing her custom hair systems so they could continue with their work while looking and feeling good about themselves and retain their natural hair. Check out Louticia’s work on some her famous clients below which include Chaka Khan, Lela Anthony, Gabrielle Union, Ciara Harris, Tracy Edmonds, Toni Braxton and the late great Pastor Andrae Crouch. just to name a few.

Louticia teaches cosmetology training at San Diego Community College. Louticia is in her element in the classroom as she shares her knowledge, passion and techniques with the next generation of aspiring cosmetologists/celebrity stylist. She provides specialized training that allows them to take their skills and talents to the next level as a celebrity hairstylist like one of her famous students Kiyah Wright. Kiyah is very well-known in the beauty industry and has taken classes with Louticia and Dr. Kari Williams.

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