Instructions On Twisting Hair On Custom Hair System

This twisting hair instructions video is to show you how easy it is to obtain hair twist style using products made by Louticia Grier. This is a custom hair system made by Louticia Grier at A Diva’s Hidden Hair. Louticia has a new hair line for women that are losing or have lost their hair and would like to wear the natural look.

Louticia uses many products from her own product line for her clients. Fresh & Easy Take Down Cream and Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion are the ideal products to use when twisting hair for optimal soft twists.

Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion

Louticia first separates the client’s hair into sections, combs out a single section of hair start from the hair end, apply a small amount of Fresh & Easy Take Down Cream; rubbing it scalp to end of hair.

The Fresh & Easy Take Down Cream makes the hair very pliable and soft to the touch. Next step is to apply Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion to the same section of hair you are working with. This products provides shine and luster to the hair. You can now start the twisting process for this section of hair. Ensure that your twists are firmly together.