The New Norm

Today women are losing their hair at alarming rates. What’s even more alarming, it has been accepted as the norm. Across the country, women are experiencing thinning hair, receding hairlines, dramatic hair loss and baldness. This epidemic of hair loss is not discriminatory. It crosses social, racial and economic lines. Why is this happening?

The obvious reasons have been addressed may times over. Health related issues that can cause hair loss are illness and disease, dietary and hereditary factors. But that’s not the root of the epidemic. Let’s think about what else is going on in the lives of American women that may be causing otherwise healthy and beautiful women to go bald. Let’s examine our behaviors and maybe we can trace this epidemic back to a probable cause.

I remember when my sisters and I were teens. We wanted to get that new relaxer in the drugstore that all our friends were getting. My mother was not having it and warned us “don’t put that stuff in your hair”. We thought she was old fashioned and didn’t know what she was talking about, but really she was speaking from wisdom. Well needless to say our hair experiments went the same way as our piercing our own ears. Not well. We ended up with hair breakage and burns…but that was okay because our hair was straight. You see what I mean? It is the norm. Then we wanted to color our hair, so we found a way to color our hair in spite of our mothers objection and watched strands of hair washing down the drain; but that was okay, because we got that new color on the box – okay, maybe not the exact color but it sure wasn’t the color we were born with! Our young minds thought that relaxers, perms, coloring and bleaching were safe otherwise you wouldn’t have to pay all that money to go to the salons to get the same results, right?

Well the truth of the matter is that these products contain chemicals that can burn your skin, cause inflammation of the scalp (tender-headedness) and can cause permanent hair loss. Many of us believe that for our hair to look nice, the hair color or relaxer or perm must be applied to the scalp as well. With this expectation many women get touchups on a more often than what is necessary. Did you know that chemicals that come into contact with the body, and in this case the scalp, can get absorbed into your body. This is another good reason to wear gloves while handling these products.

Let me ask you this question. If you burn your finger, what do you do? Possible answers are put butter on it or put ointment on it. Now, let me ask you another question…If you burn your own scalp or even worse your client’s scalp what do you do? (crickets) Chemical services cause trauma to the scalp which is made up of a complex system of tissue, blood vessels, the hair and glands. The scalp is what holds the hair in place and provides nourishment and protection for the head. You must protect the scalp before chemical services and repair the scalp after chemical services to prevent hair loss. The Louticia Grier 3-Step Scalp Protection line of luxury products are made with natural ingredients to protect the scalp and hair!

Before beginning any chemical services, Scalp Protection Base should be applied to the entire scalp to form a protective barrier between the chemicals and the scalp. The next step is Scalp Protection Shampoo and Conditioner which help your scalp to recover and fight inflammation of the scalp while effectively cleansing, nourishing and conditioning the scalp and hair. The final step is to spray small amounts of Scalp Ease on the scalp and gently massage in. This spray has antibacterial and natural healing properties to relieve tightness and soreness of the scalp.

Having tried these products myself, I am sold and have started selling them in my e-store at I have eliminated many other products on my shelf that would work for a little while and then stop. These products are rich, perfectly blended, work in unity and smell great. So whether your hair is natural (which by definition is untouched by chemicals) or chemically treated, the Scalp Protection line of products is a must! Protecting and nourishing the scalp is the first line of defense against preventable hair loss. Just as important is to remember to repair and healing the scalp after services.

Next time, we will look at a few other behaviors that cause hair loss. Braids, to tight weaves and heat. These products will protect and heal your scalp.
Thank you Louticia Grier