3 Ways To Use Hair Lotion

3 Ways To Use Hair Lotion
Our Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion is not only a fan favorite, but it is also a great hair lotion with many uses. There seems to be a product for every hair care concern. With so many options at your disposal, the features and functions of all these products can be perplexing.

So, you might be wondering exactly what do I use Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion for? Not to worry – here are a couple ways you can add this hair lotion to your hair care routine.

1. Hair Styling Lotion

As a hair styling lotion, Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion is used to set your hair in a particular shape or style such as twists or hair rollers. The lotion coats your hair and stops strands from drying out. And once your hair is dry, the lotion will keep your set or twist style for several weeks by preventing moisture from being absorbed by the hair.

We all know how time-consuming and tedious braiding hair can be, whether it’s your hair or someone else. The braiding process is simplified with Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion; increasing the hair’s moisture and allowing the hair to flow more freely without tangles.

Most of my clients used to experience lack luster hair after flat ironing. Not anymore! Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion isolates and coats each hair strand, creating a silky texture.

Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion

2. Hair Lotion Detangler

If your hair is unmanageable or you recently experienced scalp trauma such as hair coloring, hair straightening or have just taken out a weave or braids, it can be tedious and painful combing through a head full of tangles. Whether you have straight or naturally curly hair, separating a head full of knots is no easy task.

Hair lotion is a great detangler that will grant you painless combing and smooth hair.

3. Use As A Moisturizer

Hair lotion, but Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion in particular, is specially formulated to give your hair body, adds luster, shine, and provides a coating of protection from harmful elements. If you have those beautiful curly coils, you should understand that curly hair thrives on moisture. The special blend of protein acids in our renew hair lotion contributes to the richness of your hair’s keratin fiber leaving it with shine and vitality.

Whether your hair is curly, natural, chemically treated, or straight, Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion is the moisturizing maintenance product your hair deserves.

Hair Lotion vs Gels and Mousses

While some people feel mousses, gels and hair sprays are more modern styling products than hair lotion, they each contain ingredients that can dry out your hair. An unlike the mousses, gels and hair sprays, hair lotions offers the advantage of creating more structured vintage styles like twists. So, if you’re shooting for more unique hair styles, you should give Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion a try.

Whatever your hair concern, talk to the experts at Common Sense Hair Loss. I want your tresses to always look good, but most importantly, I want you to have healthy scalp and hair. Call (619) 820-0290 for a free consultation.

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