Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Foods That Cause Hair Loss
There’s much to know about foods that that cause hair loss. Particularly if you never knew that what you eat could be related to controlling hair falling out. The effect of eating healthy on hair and scalp health is unclear. However, many studies suggests certain foods like refined sugar, and grain could increase the risk of hair loss.

Many of us already know that it’s normal to lose up to about 100 hairs per day. And as we age, we lose more hair. But there are many possible causes of unconventional hair loss ranging from birth control pills to certain diseases.

Eating healthy can affect many parts of how the body functions. In fact, certain foods can influence the health of your hair and scalp. Continue reading to learn more about foods that cause hair loss.

Types Of Foods That Cause Hair Loss

The nutrition your hair receives is in part related to the food you eat. So, that shows the importance of a healthy diet, right? Well, it’s a bit more in-depth than that because some things that seem healthy not not really be all that healthy.

Given these points, let’s explore foods that may lead to hair falling out.

Sugary Foods That Cause Hair Loss

1. Refined Sugar

It’s been scientifically noted time and time again, that intake of refined sugar should be limited. Also known as processed sugar, refined sugar leads to many health problems like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Refined sugar causes poor blood circulation. When your circulation is negatively affected, it’s difficult for the blood to reach your hair follicles. Then another issue arises where nutrients in your blood cannot reach the hair follicles properly.

Due to excess sugar intake, some people also experience scalp inflammation. Unlike a burning sensation, scalp inflammation causes the scalp to be very cold due to poor blood circulation. And guess what? You guessed it – this leads to damaged hair. So, if you’re asking, ‘what are the foods that cause hair loss?’ The answer is foods that contain refined sugar.

Refined, Processed Carbs and Hair Loss

2. Processed Carbs

Some of the best tasting food ever is processed carbs. This includes foods such as pizzas, cakes, breads, pastas, etc. Unfortunately, these types of carbs block your body’s defenses against stress. If you’re already experiencing stress induced hair loss, these types of food are not your friend.

Additionally, after you eat processed carbs, they turn into sugar. And well, we just discussed what sugar does to your hair.

Greasy Food and Hair Falling Out

3. Greasy Food

There’s just something about the texture of greasy food that makes it seem so yummy. But in addition to it being, well greasy, there are other problems with that.

The scalp already releases an oily substance called sebum, which provides moisture to the skin on your scalp and hair. When you cram your body with grease, this sebum also get greasy. This causes your hair to look limp as well as greasy. But more than that is happening.

Now that you’ve covered your hair follicles with grease, it becomes challenging for your hair to grow. And yes, many times this causes your hair to fall out. You can avoid oily scalp and hair by incorporating a scalp protection cleansing regime.

Hair Loss and Swordfish

4. Swordfish

As a seafood, swordfish is an excellent source of protein. But it’s also one of the fishes that that contains the most mercury. And here’s the thing, foods containing large amounts of mercury are ones that cause hair loss.

Like other elements do, mercury interacts with other mineral traces in your body. The main metal we’re referring to here is its interaction with zinc. And mercury and zinc are not best friends. As a result, mercury causes a zinc deficiency. Since since promotes hair growth, its deficiency can lead to thinning hair. Other fishes rich in mercury to be aware of are tuna and mackerel.


Your diet affects your scalp and hair health. If it’s not proper, then you might experience hair damage that could lead to hair loss. But you can control the abuse on your scalp and hair by understanding the food ingredients your body is fond of.

Foods That Cause Hair Loss