How To Prevent Hair Loss While Losing Weight

How To Prevent Hair Loss While Losing Weight
Hair loss can sometimes be the adverse effect while losing weight. And although obtaining a slimmer waistline is desired by all, it should not come at the cost of losing one’s hair. But there are also instances when weight loss is unexpected and sudden which also leads to hair thinning.

In either case, you should speak with your doctor and learn more about why it’s happening. However, there are other options, as well, to prevent hair loss while losing weight.

Preventing Hair Loss While Losing Weight

When a person loses weight through weight loss surgery or restrictive diet, it can sometimes result in temporary hair loss. The cause for this could be nutrient deficiencies or stress on the body. So, to prevent hair loss while losing weight, the following are things you can do.

1. Watch Your Intake Of Vitamin A

In addition to possible hair loss, vitamin A in excess over many years may affect your bones, making them more likely to fracture when you’re older. And although you want to increase iron and protein consumption, too much vitamin A can suffocate hair growth.

In general, over-using is likely the result of too many vitamin supplements or from taking medications. For these reasons, moderation is best when it comes to getting the right nutrients your body needs.

2. Lose Weight Slowly

Another cause of hair loss while losing weight is losing weight too quickly. Your body reacts in myriad ways when it undergoes major changes such as abrupt weight loss. Sudden weight loss is more likely to shock your body, which can lead to more of a chance of hair loss. Although this hair loss is most noticeable on the scalp, you can also lose hair on other parts of the body.

In any event, avoid extreme fasting and crash diets. Instead, opt for gradual weight loss. After all, the goal is to create a sustainable lifestyle, right? It may be a good idea to speak with your doctor to design a workout regime and diet that’s healthy for you.

3. Don’t Forget About Your Iron and Protein

Iron-rich foods that are also high in protein are vital to having a healthy body, particularly when losing weight. An insufficient iron intake can also cause hair loss. In general, and also while dieting, you should consume beans, nuts, fish, lean meats, even supplementary protein from bars and powders to get enough iron.

Some of the foods high in iron include, spinach, iron-fortified cereals, organ meats and soybeans. Before taking iron supplements, talk to your doctor about the appropriate amounts.

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How To Prevent Hair Loss While Losing Weight