How To Combat An Unhealthy Scalp

Just like the rest of your body, your scalp needs TLC to help your hair maintain its luster and shine. When hair issues arise, almost everything can be attributed to an unhealthy scalp.

Plus, an unhealthy scalp can create more than just the annoying itching and dandruff. Much like rain for crops, your scalp health is an important part of your hair health. Hair grows from the scalp. Thus, the foundation of hair growth stems from a healthy and balanced scalp.

Not sure if you have an unhealthy scalp? Let us help.

Scalp Protection Shampoo

1. Oily Scalp

Are you having to shampoo your hair daily? This means your scalp is not naturally regulating it owns sebaceous oil production. Actually, it’s trying to recreate oils being stripped by chemical shampoos.

When you use a sulphate shampoo, it strips the hair of oils. Then your scalp goes into panic mode and product excess oil. Best thing to do is avoid using chemical shampoos and start using for healthy options. One such shampoo is “Scalp Protection Shampoo”. It washes away chemical residue. Also can balance harmful pH levels, be it too low or too high. Your scalp will feel soothe and hair soft and silky.

Scalp Protection Conditioner

2. Flaking and Dandruff

Dandruff is another sign that your scalp isn’t healthy. And it’s often accompanied by itching. Hair products containing chemicals can disrupt the natural acidity and pH balance of the hair. Also, dandruff often occurs due to an imbalanced pH of the scalp.

In addition to using Scalp Protection Shampoo, we recommend also Scalp Protection Conditioner. They both have a perfect pH for balancing your hair and restoring your scalp.

Scalp Ease

3. Itching and/or Burning

An itchy scalp can be annoying. Plus, if you use your fingernails to scratch your scalp (not recommended), you can cause further irritation and harm. Generally, itching is caused by dry scalp, chemical irritation or an allergic reaction. Remember, your scalp is covered by skin. And just like your body skin, it can become dry.

Again, chemical shampoos and similar hair products strip the scalp of oil. This can leave it thirsty for some moisture. When your scalp is itching, we suggest using “Scalp Ease”. Spray it on the effected area to soothe your scalp and stop the itch. Of course, don’t go weeks doing that to avoid shampooing your hair.

To wrap it up, always remember to shampoo your hair regularly and eat clean foods. Also, drink lots of water for your general health and scalp health.

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