Sleep Bonnets For Modern Black Women

Sleep Bonnets For Modern Black Women
Sleep bonnets for modern black women nowadays are worn by women of all ethnicities. In fact, the use of sleep bonnets goes back to the 14th century and likely even earlier.

They were worn by men and women to protect against cold nighttime temperatures.

In the name of dignity, men also wore bonnets to cover their bald heads. But during the day, these same men commonly wore wigs.

Although you may not wear one (yet), you’ve probably seen them touted on the gram or even worn in movies. Sleep bonnets for modern Black women are a type of head covering worn at night. Its purpose is to protect their tresses while they sleep.

Sleep Bonnets For Black Women

As previously stated, bonnets have been worn for centuries and have multiple functions. In a word, Black women wearing a night cap is as common as teeth brushing. But thanks to social media, women of all ethnicities are learning the beauty benefits of the bonnet.

In essence, an essential hair care item for your arsenal should be a satin or silk sleep cap. If for no other reasons, investing in a quality sleeping cap will protect your hairstyle from coming undone. Regardless if you’ve paid for braids, curls, an updo, or a blowout.

Given these points, the cap can prevent your ‘do from getting frizzy, undone, or messy.

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Why Protect Your Hair While You Sleep?

Obviously, we don’t know how much tossing and turning we’re doing while we’re asleep. Consequently, a sleeping cap keeps your hair from tangling, which can cause breakage. When your hair is tucked safely into the cap, it lessens the likelihood of waking up with knotted hair. Instead, you’ll have a smooth and tangle-free morning.

Another perk of sleeping bonnets for Black women is less split ends and frizz. Because it protects your hair from friction as you sleep, breakage and frizz is minimized. Thus, decreasing the risk for split ends.

While soft and comfortable to the face, cotton pillowcases absorb the natural moisture and oils from your hair. But a satin or silk hair cap can help your hair retain moisture. Ultimately, dry hair is often the culprit for damaged locks. So keeping your hair hydrated can reduce the risk of an itchy scalp, frizz, and maybe even hair loss.

Additionally, wearing a sleeping cap affords you a few extra minutes of sleep. Because sleep bonnets keep your hair intact all night, you’ll need less time getting ready in the morning.

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Sleep Bonnets For Modern Black Women