How To Protect Your Hair When Wearing Locs or Twists

How To Protect Your Hair When Wearing Locs or Twists
Locs, twists and other protective styles are suppose to protect your natural hair. They will do their job as long as you do yours in properly maintaining these styles. A rule of thumb for protective styles is not to leave them in too long before getting them tightened.

Wearing locs and twists means you have to keep an eye on your natural hair growth. If you wait too long before getting a touch-up, when you shampoo your hair, it’s going to put stress on your hair. Water is heavy when you’re shampooing your hair. And the hair strands that are holding that extension onto your scalp becomes dry. Thus, your scalp will become irritated due to the extra weight of the loose extension.

Also friction from your bedding at night can cause your natural hair to loose strands. This is because, the weight of the loose extensions is pulling on your hair.

How To Protect Your Hair When Wearing Locs, Twists and Other Protective Styles

At our A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturing center, we make small nets that are ideal for protective styles during shampoo. These nets hold the weight of your hair during the shampoo process and your hanging is ordinary hanging down. This is extremely important when wearing locs, twists or other long extensions.

We also make extensions that look like your own locs and twists coming from your scalp. In addition to different styles we custom design, you can also have any color and length of hair you like.

Maintaining Your Protective Style At Home

Like most natural styles, moisture is key in maintaining protective hairstyles. Besides, dry hair is more prone to breakage and brittleness. For this reason, using a hair oil in addition to a moisturizing spray is essential to prevent dryness.

Moreover, your scalp is skin and requires the same protection that the skin on your face and body needs. When you moisturize your face and body at night after showering, do you think about protecting your scalp skin? You should. And one way to do that is to sleep in a silk or satin bonnet. You can also opt for the same material in a pillowcase. Wrapping your protective style at night will keep the style in place and help prevent debris, dirt and frizz.

Do Protective Styles Ruin Your Hair?

All in all, wearing locs, twists or any other protect style help protect your hair from environment stressors. The only way locs styles will run hair is if you don’t properly maintain them. And of course, you should invest in the right natural haircare products. Proper maintenance + quality hair products yields a healthy scalp and locs.

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How To Protect Your Hair When Wearing Locs or Twists