How To Safely Take Down Your Weave

How To Safely Take Down Your Weave
So you decided to get a weave to grow out your natural hair or to switch up your look. You’re delighting in the fact that your fresh style is turning heads and you cut down on tons of styling time.

But fast forward two months later and you’re noticing that your once fresh weave is anything but. While you might be tempted to grab your tools or have a non-professional do it, don’t.

One of the worst things you can do is to have a non-professional take down your weave. It’s also not recommended to try to do it yourself. At some point though, your weave must be removed for maintenance.

How Is A Weave Installed?

It’s important to first say that a weave should always be installed by a professional. And when it come times to take down your weave, it should also be done by a professional.

Now, on to how to install a weave.

First, your stylist will part off a section of hair starting at the front of your head. This section goes from ear to ear in a circular pattern. Next, she will braid this section. Braiding should be done carefully and not too tight. On the other hand, if the braids are too loose, then the hair extensions will become loose. This is why it’s important that a professional do your weave install and take down your weave. They know the consequences of too tight or too loose braids.

So, the above process is repeated until all of your hair is braided up into a circular pattern. After that, your hair extensions are installed. Using a needle and thread, the hair extensions are sewn onto the braids. This is done per each braid row.

Installing extensions can take about 4 to 5 hours, but that time does not include the braiding process. Another reason to have your install and take down your weave by a professional is that it lasts up to 8 weeks. So, if installed incorrectly, you’re going to have a hot mess during this time. In fact, you may even have to still have it done by a professional if you didn’t before.

Because your braids will loosen over time, you may need to have your stylist tighten them in about four weeks. However, this varies from person to person and lifestyle.

Why a Professional Should Take Down Your Weave

Even though you can find articles online about removing your weave yourself, it’s really not what we recommend. Even with the best light and tons of mirrors, you’re running the risk of cutting your own hair out. Not to mention, cutting the wefts of the extensions.

There’s also a time factor. It will takes you many hours to safely remove your weave and you’ll be exhausted. Conversely, a professional can do it in less than an hour. Your extensions also need to be properly cleansed, conditioned, and dry before reinstallation.

While your weave is removed, your stylist will unbraid your hair and give you a shampoo. A conditioner is also applied as well as other treatments to keep your natural hair healthy. But in between your salon appointment, you’ll need to make sure you’re keeping your weave clean. If you don’t, your hair will start to smell and it won’t be like your favorite perfume fragrance either.

Never keep your weave in over 8 weeks. Doing so can cause damage to your natural hair. Depending on your style, the tracks may start to show because they have become too loose.

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How To Safely Take Down Your Weave