Medical Cranial Hair Prosthesis Made by Louticia Grier

Medical Cranial Hair Prosthesis Made by Louticia Grier
Medical cranial hair prosthesis made by Louticia Grier are ideal for women experiencing hair loss contributed to chemotherapy. Tamoxifen and brain radiation also causes hair loss. If you’re undergoing any of these treatments, you may be curious about trying out a hair prosthesis.

Medical wigs and cranial hair prosthesis can conceal hair loss. They also can help you look more like yourself before treatment or provide a completely different look. In addition to that, they protect your scalp from cold air and the sun.

However, there’s a big difference between a regular wig and a cranial hair prothesis wig. The latter is intended for patients who have lost their hair due to treatments such as chemotherapy.

Cranial Hair Prosthesis for Women

Different from an off-the-shelf wig, each hair prosthesis is custom made to fit. Precise head measurements are taken and real human hair is selected from a large array of colors and textures. And sometimes, three variations of the hair color are blended for a more natural appearance. The hair is hand-tied onto a base material that resembles a natural scalp.

We have several choices of base material to fit your lifestyle.

Our medical cranial hair prosthesis are handmade by Master Wig Maker; Louticia Grier. With over two decades in the industry, she understands how hair loss adversely affects a person’s life. So, Louticia is dedicated to improving the self-esteem and quality of life of people undergoing treatment for cancer. She believes she can give back to women what nature can’t – their hair!

There are different types of hair systems and wigs that are easy to care for and reasonably priced. However, a cranial hair prosthesis will provide a more natural look and fit exactly as you expect. These prostheses are made with synthetic hair, human hair, or a combination of the two. Albeit, our clients lets us know which they prefer, using 100% human hair is our preferred method. Human hair cranial prosthesis have a longer life span and looks and behaves more naturally. In fact, you can treat it as if it were your natural hair.

Our cancer and alopecia clients each receive different types of hair systems. The cancer patient will be measured and fitted for a medical cranial hair prosthesis designed specifically for their situation. Most importantly, the cancer patients needs a low maintenance hair system.

For the alopecia patient who has lost all of her hair, we will design a custom hair system. Additionally, we also have chemo hats with hair attached and chemo turbans for cancer patients.

Chemo Gray Hat with Tricolor Straight Hair Attached

Vintage Turbans For Women Undergoing Chemotherapy

Also, most insurance companies cover at least a portion of the cost of a medical wig (cranial hair prosthesis). This is because hair loss is a side effect of chemotherapy. Download our head measuring guide to ensure a perfect fit for your hair prosthesis. After receiving your completed entries, we will schedule a Zoom or FaceTime consultation. Or, you can schedule your consultation online ahead of time.

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