Men’s Hair Loss: Fact and Fiction

Men's Hair Loss
There aren’t many things in this world more devitalizing to men’s confidence than hair loss. When men start experiencing hair loss, their first reaction is often fear, insecurity and worry. Couple this with the mixed information you can find online about men’s hair loss treatments and causes and it can get pretty confusing and frustrating very quickly.

Men’s Hair Loss Causes

Not all men’s hair loss can be categorized as male patterned baldness hair loss. There are many factors attributed to the causes of men’s hair loss including genetics. Hair loss is enough to deal with in itself; mixed information about prevention, causes and treatments simply adds to the problem. We need to start talking about hair loss, guys. To help with that, we have listed some of the more usual misconceptions about men’s hair loss, and unveil the truth behind them.

FICTION: High testosterone levels are the cause of hair loss.
FACT: Hair loss is not caused by high levels of testosterone. It’s caused by a sensitivity to a natural compound of testosterone; dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

FICTION: Hair loss only affects older men.
FACT: There are many types of hair loss that not only affect older people, but also people of different ages. Some forms of hair loss can occur during adolescent, and even to women and children.

FICTION: Hair loss comes from your father’s side of the family.
FACT: In many instances, hair loss is due to genetics, but it’s not passed on only by the men. The gene can be carried by both women and men.

FICTION: There’s no cure for hair loss.
FACT: That may have been completely true five or ten years ago, but with today’s technology it is possible to regain your confidence by recovering from hair loss. There are methods of hair loss treatment including surgical hair transplants and laser therapy.

FICTION: Wearing hats causes hair loss.
FACT: Yes, I know – sounds silly when you read it doesn’t it? But as we stated above, men’s hair loss is caused by a sensitivity to DHT, not from wearing your favorite fedora or any other style of hat. The only time wearing a hat could cause hair loss is if your hat was tight enough to restrict circulation to your hair follicles, and I don’t think any man would do that on purpose.

FICTION: Constantly shampooing your hair causes hair loss.
FACT: Regular haircare maintenance including shampooing is simply good hygiene. However, other processes such as hair coloring and high heat blow drying can cause damage to your hair when done improperly or excessively. None of these actually lead to permanent hair. By the way, if you’re coloring your hair, make sure you’re using good scalp protection products.

FICTION: Standing upside down helps make your hair grow.
FACT: Believe it or not, this myth was bred from the fact that in order to keep hair growing it needs blood circulation. But since hair loss is not a blood circulation problem, no matter how much you stand on your head, your hair will not grow back if the hair loss is already in your genes. Additionally, you wouldn’t be able to stay in that position for a suitable amount of time to have a significant effect on your hair follicles even if increased blood flow could somehow help regrow hair.

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