How Men and Women Hair Loss Differ

How Men and Women Hair Loss Differ
Men generally get the short end of the stick when it comes to how men and women hair loss differ. Although hair loss resulting in baldness is more common in men, it does also happen in women, and in most cases of hair loss the pattern differs between the genders.

Most of us shed about 100 hairs every day, and the average person has around 100,000 hair follicles. At least for a while, the hairs we lose are replaced with new ones of the same density.

Men and Women Hair Loss

When it comes to hair loss in women, it more of a scattered thinning of the hair. True baldness only happens in about 5% of cases. But as women age, about 20% will develop moderate to severe hair loss.

It’s a different story though as we age. Many of us will experience pattern hair loss due to hair follicles becoming smaller, making new hair that grows very short and fine. Although the pattern is different, this effects both men and women.

Baldness is very common in men, and is typically genetic. It normally follows the pattern of hair recession at the temples and baldness on top of the head.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be attributed to several factors. In some cases, women experience hair loss or thinning during or after pregnancy. Hair loss can also occur due to to illness, emotional stress, medications, malnutrition, or trauma.

The more common hair loss type however, the biggest contributing influences are hormones, age and genetics. Unfortunately, this type of hair loss is not normally something you can prevent by wearing hats, eating a special diet or not washing your hair.

But that does not mean you shouldn’t try to find a solution if your hair loss is effecting your confidence. Nowadays there are some effective treatments available for hair loss, especially if they are used as soon as the problem is noticed. But be careful to read and learn about any side effects as you don’t want to create additional problems if the side effects can cause health concerns.

Hair Loss Treatments and Solutions

Hair loss treatments include over-the-counter and prescription medications. If you prefer to avoid medications, along with their potential side effects, you may want to consider laser hair therapy to stimulate regrowth, hair grafting, surgical transplants, and keratin hair thickeners. To avoid pain, medication or having to apply topical solutions, custom hair systems and custom-made wigs are great options – especially where a quick solution is needed, severe hair loss or baldness.

If you’ve notice thinning hair or have hair loss, then your first step is to get a professional consultation. At Common Sense Hair Loss, we offer a free personalized consultation for new clients. Get in contact today to discuss your hair concerns and options!

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