Scalp Care For Wig Wearers

Scalp Care For Wig Wearers
Want to know what the secret is for a durable and strong bond? Great scalp care for wig wearers! Even the best made wig requires good scalp care and maintenance routine to look its best. If you’re new to wearing wigs, you’ve probably never thought about scalp preparation.

And for those who’ve worn wigs a while, it’s an easy step to forget. However, proper scalp for wig wearers is extremely important. In addition to enhances the wig’s longevity, it also increases the durable of the bonding method. Not only that, but it allows you to treat and prevent skin irritations.

Ultimately, scalp care for wig wearers is quick and easy, once you know how.

Scalp Care For Wig Wearers

Women love experimenting with hair fashions like wigs and extensions. After all, a wig is a great way to try out different styles without alternative your natural hair. In the summer, no one wants to spend hours toiling over their hair if there’s an alternative.

For this reason, wigs allow you a great range of experimentation. And you can even rock a new look every day! However, scalp care for wig wearers is crucial as well as caring for your natural hair.

By definition, a protective style’s purpose is to protect your natural hair and promote hair growth. But if you don’t understand the importance of scalp care, you’re defeating the purpose.

Given these points, here are some tips to help you take care of your scalp under a wig.

  1. Start by using a gentle cleanser like Scalp Protection Shampoo to break down any dirt, oil, and product build-up on the scalp. Obviously, this should be done before starting the braiding process. Once your scalp is cleaned, you can move on to a moisturizing conditioner. This will lock in some hydration before braiding.
  2. After shampooing and conditioning, a product that enhances the conditioner. Scalp Ease is such a product. It reduces inflammation as well as scalp dryness and itching.
  3. After braiding your scalp, spray a small amount of the Scalp Ease on to your scalp. Because it’s a natural healing product, it will combat dryness and flakiness.

Let Your Hair and Scalp Breathe

You may wear your wig for a few hours, or perhaps you wear it for most of the day. For all day wear, allow your scalp and hair time to breathe. Fresh air and sunshine are healthy for your scalp and hair.

Another wig wearing care tip is to remove your wig before going to sleep. Store your wig properly to help keep it in good condition. To keep your natural hair healthy, you may want to cover your hair by wearing a sleep bonnet.

Scalp Care For Wig Wearers