Why Use Double-Sided Wig Tape To Secure Your Wig?

Why Use Double-Sided Wig Tape To Secure Your Wig?
Double-sided wig tape is popular for both men and women as an adhesive to apply wigs and hair systems. This tape allows you to attach the wig easily in minutes. As a result, you can get long, thick hair with minimum effort. Or whatever hairstyle you like.

Premium double-sided wig tape is very durable. In fact, it can hold the hair in place for days or up to weeks. Also, lace wig tape is ideal for people who are active and enjoy water activities.

If you’re planning to use this easy hair accessory, let’s discuss it further in this article.

What Is Double-Sided Wig Tape?

This type of wig tape is used to adhere lace front wigs to the scalp. Securing the wig in this manner allows for a strong hold and will offer a natural appearance. Careful preparation of the hair and scalp will ensure an attractive and long-lasting result.

Louticia’s Hair Essentials wig adhesive tape is not only double-sided, but it’s also waterproof. Additionally, it’s anti-sweat, has no shine and has a 4 week hold. Now, that’s what you call a ‘premium’ product!

When it comes to securing wigs, wig wearers can use glue adhesives or tape adhesives. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. However, tapes adhesives are easiest to use with little to no mess, making them popular among wig-wearers.

But why are tapes the most preferred? How can you use it? Well, keep on reading for answers to these questions and more.

Tape adhesives are available in rolls or pre-cut to match the shape of the attachment area. In general, tapes are clear and available in many liner colors that indicate the degree of tackiness. It’s typically thicker than glue and may leave a small single edge.

Benefits Of Using Wig Tapes

As has been noted above, when it comes to securing a wig, you can use glue or wig tape. But the best option is to use double-sided wig tape over the glue. Here are some benefits of using wig tape adhesive.

1. Faster Installation
Compared to glue, securing a wig with wig tape is definitely much faster. It can take about 30-60 minutes to secure a wig with wig tape. On the other hand, using glue will take much longer. That’s because the glue must be evenly spread in areas that will come into contact with the wig. Moreover, the wig tape can last up to 12 weeks if properly installed and maintained.

2. Damage Reduction
If you have a weak hairline and you’re concerned that glue can harm it more, wig tape is the best option. Wig tape has less chance of damaging your natural hair or hairline. Given that they are lightweight, they’re less likely to damage your hair. Furthermore, they are simple to mount and extract.

3. Provides a Realistic Look
Obviously, when wearing a wig, you want to achieve the most natural look as possible. This is easily obtained with wig tape because it’s undetectable.

4. Ideal For Sensitive Skin
Albeit all products should be tested before using in a large area, wig tape is perfect for sensitive skin. Different from tape, glue adhesive is not an ideal option for people who have sensitive skin. Glues contain chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction, inflammation or irritation.

5. It’s Easy To Remove
Glue is is more difficult to remove compared to wig tape. Usually, you can remove wig tape by just peeling it off the hair system. Although, this depends on the tape and the base it’s being used on.

Neither application method is recommended if you like to remove your wig during the day. Some people do that to swap it out for a different look or to cool down. In this case, you should use bobby pins or wig clips to temporarily secure your wig.

Both tape and glue will require a some effort for such short periods. Furthermore, removing and reapplying tape or glue too often can irritate your edges.

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Why Use Double-Sided Wig Tape To Secure Your Wig?