Why My Stylist Use Heat During My Bleach Treatment?

My Stylist Use Heat During My Bleach Treatment
If you’re getting a bleach treatment and your stylist puts you under the dryer, this is not okay. Particularly when you’ve already told the stylist that your head was burning before going under the dryer.

Question is – do you blame yourself or the stylist for allowing it to happen?

Obviously, a bleaching treatment contains chemicals in order to change your hair color. These chemicals will have an effect on your scalp such as causing drying and irritation. It is gravely important to properly treat the scalp and hair immediately after any chemical treatment.

And then to put a client under the dryer using heat during their bleach treatment is a recipe for disaster.

Why Some Stylists Use Heat During Bleach Treatment

This doesn’t just happen during a bleach treatment as it also happens to people who get their hair dyed. The thing is, stylists are motivated to get clients in and out of the salon as quickly as possible. The more people they can see, the more money they make.

But the desire for heat and the need for speed should never be done at the expense of clients’ healthy hair. After all, people go to a salon to look better after they leave and not to have less hair.

So, how is hair actually processed? Well, when you want to go a much lighter color or from dark color to blonde, a colorist uses bleach. In general, it’s a powered mixed with 10, 20, 30 or 40 volume peroxide. The higher the volume of peroxide, the stronger it is.

A mixed bowl of bleach lasts a few hours. But if the bleach is applied well, it will stay moist up to an hour and will lift the entire time. For this reason, heat is not necessary during a bleach treatment in order for the bleach to do its job.

How Heat Interacts With The Bleaching Process

So why do colorists use heat during a bleach treatment if heat isn’t a necessity? The short answer is ‘time’. The heat speeds up the lightening process, but it can cause severe damage to the scalp and hair.

If a colorist is rushing the lightening process, they can easily use too much heat. If that happens, you can expect sores on your scalp, inflammation, and possibly some hair loss. Not to mention, an itchy, dry scalp.

What To Do If Your Colorist Used Heat During Your Bleach Treatment

At this point, the main focus is to heal your scalp and get your hair back to a healthy state. So, you should avoid using products and tools that can cause further damage. For instance, heat styling tools, more bleach, harsh products, color, etc.

Instead, use gentle hair products that have the ability to heal your scalp and protect your hair. The priority is to strengthen and hydrate your hair as well as soothe your scalp.

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Why My Stylist Use Heat During My Bleach Treatment?