How To Protect Your Scalp Before Getting A Relaxer Or Color

How To Protect Your Scalp Before Getting A Relaxer Or Color
You need to protect your scalp before getting a relaxer, color, or any other chemical treatment. At our Uptown New York Style Salon, many clients come to us with chemical burns on their scalp. In essence, this happens because the stylist failed to apply a base to the client’s scalp.

A scalp protection base is a solution that is applied to the scalp before any chemical treatment. The reason for basing the scalp serves the same purpose as latex gloves for stylists’ hands. That is, to prevent chemical burns on your scalp.

Why Use A Base To Protect Your Scalp Before Getting A Relaxer?

Proper hair growth comes from having a healthy scalp. Since chemicals are easily absorbed into the scalp, they can damage the quality of new hair growth. Or prevent new hair growth due to chemical burns. As a result, permanent hair loss to certain follicles occurs.

This is just one of the many reasons why using a scalp protection product is so important. In addition to preventing chemical burns, a base also acts as a barrier between your skin and the chemical. When bleaching your hair, if bleach gets on your skin, it will cause a chemical burn.

Scarring alopecia is a skin disorder that is the result of severe chemical burns. Moreover, your liver can be affected if chemicals are absorbed into your bloodstream and pores.

Do I Need To Base My Scalp Before a No-Lye Relaxer?

Even a no-lye relaxer contains chemicals. Otherwise, how does it straighten your hair? Thus, a scalp base protects your ears, hairline, hair, and scalp. In a word, any part of your head that may come in contact with the relaxer chemicals.

Just like regular relaxers, no-lye relaxers can definitely burn your scalp and skin. After all, they all contain chemicals. If they didn’t, your hair texture would not be changed afterwards.

So, use common sense when reading relaxer box labels. If the purpose is to straighten your hair, then you need to protect your scalp before the relaxer. But there are some things that a scalp base will not prevent. For instance, it will not prevent over-processing. So, if the relaxer is left on your hair past the recommended time, chemical burn is inevitable.

While many people relax their own hair, it’s always best to have it done by a professional. If you are applying the relaxer yourself, never rely on petroleum jelly to act as a back-up shield. And always follow the instructions on the box.

Most people with thick scalps aren’t affect by a soar scalp when their hair is tangled. But chemical burns are a completely different beast. Whether hardheaded or sensitive scalp, to protect your scalp before a relaxer, always use a base.

Additionally, apply a base is actually part of your salon service and shouldn’t be treated as an inconvenience. Besides, it takes mere minutes to properly base the scalp and hairline before a chemical treatment. Even if it took longer, it’s worth the time to make sure client has no burning or irritation. Not to mention, hair loss afterwards.

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How To Protect Your Scalp Before Getting A Relaxer Or Color