How To Smooth Hair Naturally Without Heat

How To Smooth Hair Naturally Without Heat
There are a couple of ways to smooth your hair naturally without heat. Styling tools like blowdryers and flat irons, not only dry out the hair, but also the scalp.

The saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side”, rings true between straight hair and curly hair women. Those with curly hair envy the women with smooth straight hair and vice versa.

Generally, transforming curly hair into straighter flatter hair involves the overuse of flat irons and hair dryers. And while these tools smooth hair, it doesn’t naturally without heat. Oftentimes, heat treatments damage the hair.

But, if you’re looking for smooth hair naturally without heat, we’ve got 2 big tips for you.

Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion

Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion is specially formulated to give your hair body, adds luster, shine, and detangles. This soft and creamy lotion provides a coating of protection from harmful elements. In addition to providing moisture, it smooths the hair strands for a sleek, healthy mane.

Smooth, shiny locks Beyonce’s aren’t totally unattainable. Even if you don’t have a Hollywood-size beauty budget. And you can use Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion at home! If you want to get silky, glistening strands, try this product. It’ll work whether you want beautifully defined curls or a shimmering mane of straight hair.

African American Hair Wrapping

Wrapping Your Hair

Wrapping your hair is one of the most successful and traditional methods of straightening hair without heat. Basically, you need to divide your hair while still damp. Secure your hair to your head, using bobby pins. Then, wrap the length of your hair around your head and continue to secure with bobby pins. Finally, wrap your hair with the help of a silk cloth to reduce frizz and make sure it stays in place while sleeping.

This is an excellent styling method for all African American hair textures. Learning how to wrap your natural hair is a necessary skill if you’re aiming for straight hair without using heat. To learn more about this process, schedule an appointment at our Uptown New York Style salon.

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