Yogurt For Hair Benefits: Healthy or Harmful?

Yogurt and Hair Benefits: Healthy or Harmful?
Using yogurt for hair can be healthy, but not so much if you have allergies to dairy products. Our hair needs nourishments. And although we can hide dandruff using conditioners, it doesn’t fix itself it’s addressed.

So, how do you get that nourishment? Well, using yogurt is a good start. It’s rich in various vitamins and fatty acids. Plus, yogurt gives your hair the boost it needs to get it growing.

Ways To Use Yogurt To Get Shiny Hair

Looking for homemade hair remedies which use yogurt? Try the one below. However, if you have allergies to dairy products, you should always consult your doctor before trying new treatments.

Yogurt and Lemon Juice Remedy

Yogurt gives your hair the nutrients and proteins. Lemon provides the Vitamin C that boosts their efficiency and absorption. Here’s how you use this yogurt and lemon hair pack.

  Two tablespoons of yogurt
  Few drops of lime juice
  One tablespoon of honey

  Mix the yogurt and honey with the few drops of lime juice to turn them into the paste.
  Work your entire scalp using this natural hair mask and seal with a shower cap.
  Wait for 30 minutes and rinse using cold water.

This remedy can be used one to two times per week.

Yogurt and Hair Health

Healthy hair adds a whole new level to one’s personality. You can wear your hair the way you want without struggling with it. Or, when rooted in optimum nourishment, you can style it differently.

Overall wellness is obviously a desire of everyone. However, seldom does everyone achieve it. And when it comes to maintaining gorgeous hair, the job is easier said than done. Our awry lifestyle habits, stress and pollution, all contribute to hair loss and damage.

Herbal hair conditioning regimes have long been in good terms. For example, yogurt:

  • Is known for its smoothening properties
  • It has inherent cooling and anti-inflammatory properties
  • And it works effectively for all hair types

Yogurt contains nutrients that could potentially help scalp conditions, moisturize and strengthen your hair. Still, these benefits are anecdotal at best. Actually, there are no available long-term studies on the use of yogurt for scalp health. So, talk to a dermatologist if you have any ongoing scalp and hair health concerns.

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