Synthetic Hair Wigs vs. Human Hair Wigs – What’s the Difference?

Synthetic Hair Wigs vs. Human Hair Wigs - What's the Difference?
Should you go for human hair wigs or should you opt for synthetic hair wigs? This is a question that a lot of women face when choosing a wig. Nowadays, it’s quite difficult to tell the difference between a synthetic hair wig and a human hair wig. Although, the idea is that human hair wigs are better than synthetic ones because they are made of real hair.

The truth is, the best type of wig for you really depends on a number of considerations. To help you decide, let’s look at the main differences between these two types of wigs.

Human Hair Wigs: Benefits & Disadvantages

As you probably already know, human hair wigs are made of real, natural, harvested human hair. This means that they look, move and act just like your own hair. So, they look and feel very natural.

Because they are made of natural human hair, these wigs are easier to style. Plus, they can be cut and colored just as you would your own hair. They can also be worn for longer periods of time. From days to a week without needing to be removed and they’ll stay on your head looking as natural as ever.

You could wear them while exercising and sleeping and they would still be fine. Although not recommended, they could even be worn while swimming because of their natural quality. With proper care and maintenance, these wigs can last a long time even with daily use, around a year or two.

What most people probably see as the biggest disadvantage of human hair wigs is their price. Because they are made of real hair, they cost a lot more than synthetic wigs. But, you do get your money’s worth in the natural appearance and longevity of the wig.

Another disadvantage with human hair wigs is that they need more maintenance than synthetic ones. You have to treat them like you would your own hair. They require shampooing and conditioning regularly. Otherwise, they may lose their natural luster and become brittle. Just like your own hair, they also react to the environment around them. So, they can become frizzy, limp or dry at times. Additionally, they can also become damaged from harsh brushing or prolonged use of heated styling tools.

Essentially, these are things you’d normally do anyway with your own natural hair. So doing them for your human hair wig may not mean much of a difference. For a totally natural look and freedom to style your hair any way you choose, a human hair wig will be your best choice.

Synthetic Hair Wig: Benefits & Disadvantages

Synthetic hair wigs are composed of man-made fibers that are much more durable than human hair. Probably the most prominent benefit to synthetic wigs is that they come already styled. And have the ability to hold a certain style no matter the conditions. So even if it’s humid out, it won’t go flat or frizzy. It will retain its style.

This, combined with their relative affordability means you can have several different synthetic wigs in several different styles for different days. If you’re adventurous with your hair, this can be a plus.

Because of their material and adherence to a specific style, synthetic wigs are much easier to maintain. However, these qualities are also disadvantageous. You can’t style it any other way. Some high quality synthetic wigs can be styled using heated styling tools. But, this may prove to be more difficult than styling real human hair. And since it is not made of natural hair, a synthetic wig cannot be colored differently.

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