What Happened To My Baby Hair?

What Happened To My Baby Hair?
Your edges are your friend, this includes your baby hair! Treat them with care. The wear and tear on your edges from different hairstyles can cause your edges to thin. Being gentle with your delicate hair is key.

What Exactly is Baby Hair?

Baby hairs are the small feathery hairs located around your hairline. They are very fine hairs. And, depending on the texture of your hair; wavy, curly or straight, these baby hairs can be curly, long, or event short. Baby hair is usually found on children (thus the word ‘baby’), but they can also follow you into adulthood.

African American women have been styling their baby hairs for decades. Many of us with natural curly and coarser hair oftentimes use professional styling gel to tame those unruly baby hairs for a picture-perfect slick down look. Action, camera, roll it!

Some women may wish to slick down those baby hair. And, others prefer to exaggerate them by making them more curly to blend in with their beautiful coarser coils.

Consistent care is key to maintaining your baby hairs. Here are some tips on how to care for your hair!

  1. Sleep in a satin cap or use a satin pillowcase
  2. Rub castor oil on your hair edges
  3. Watch those headbands as they can cause rubbing and hair breakage
  4. Get a scalp massage
  5. Try a professional hair and scalp treatment mask
  6. Moisturize your scalp regularly (try using castor oil)
  7. Avoid damaging habits (i.e. scratching your scalp with fingernails, ouch)

Unfortunately, though there isn’t a lot that can be done to grow more baby hair as they a matter of genetics.

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