What Is Hair

What is hair

What Is Hair?
If we Google the question what it hair we get “any of the fine threadlike strands growing from the skin of humans” and “especially those growing on a person’s head”. Okay, but not quite what we’re looking for so let’s ask another question and do a little more research to get right down to the root of what we really want to know. What is the hair on our heads made out of?

Well actually it’s made out of dead cells layered together in three different layers. The inside layer is the medulla and the layer on top of the medulla, the middle layer, is the cortex. These two layers contain our natural hair color. The outside layer overlaps the cortex like shingles and is called the cuticle. We talk about this outside layer, the cuticle, a lot because it determines how our hair feels and whether or not it holds moisture. When we disturb these dead cells called hair (which is really all the time through care and styling and even more so with chemical treatments) our hair becomes damaged, dry and vulnerable to breakage.

Let me help you see what I mean and give you an example using a rawhide (you know those treats that our doggies love to chew on). Well you know they are made up of dead cells just like our hair. They’re made out of dried skin and are rough and brittle. When your little Tootsie starts handling and chewing on it, it cracks! Even with all that saliva. Now what does this show us about our hair? Just adding moisture and manipulation is not enough to protect and condition the hair. To achieve healthy hair you need a healthy scalp and you need the right products with small enough particles that get into the hairs cuticle.

I‘ve only found one that will penetrate into the cuticle as opposed to sitting on top and that’s Fresh and Easy Take Down Cream. Products made with cocoa butter and shea butter sit on top of the cuticle making it difficult to comb through the hair and leaves the hair no better than that wet chewed up still hard rawhide. Fresh and Easy Take Down Cream instantly goes to work making the hair soft and pliable where you can comb the hair out. Think about that rawhide now as a piece of leather because that’s what it is. If you put rawhide leather conditioner on it, it gets soft and supple. That’s because it’s designed to penetrate the dead cells, just like Fresh and Easy Take Down Cream is designed to penetrate the cuticle and nourish the hair from the inside out!

Having the right product to make hair pliable allows you to grow your hair long and strong especially if you have springy tight curls. You need to make them pliable otherwise the tension from styling and dryness can cause scalp irritation and inflammation. No matter what your hair type is for the best results and outcomes you need the right products designed with your scalp in mind. This is the key to a beautiful head of hair!
To learn more about why you need to take care of your scalp, skin and hair keep reading this Common Sense blog. For the best results and outcomes contact us at Louticia Grier at 858-259-6833 or go to site www.adivashiddenhair.com And leave your information and Mz. Grier will contact you right away.